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After The Dance

September 2010


Benedict Cumberbatch

Nancy Carroll Helen Banner

Adrian Scarborough 

John Heffernan 

Pandora Colin


Director: Thea Sharrock 

Sets and costumes, Hildegard Bechtler;

Lights: Mark Henderson

Music: Adrian Johnston

Sound: Ian Dickinson

Choreography: Fin Walker

Production Manager: Tom Richardson


'The production vividly evokes the tawdry vapidity of the lost, between-the-wars generation. There's a particularly haunting touch when the poseur-guests at the climactic party eerily materialise round the figure of Benedict Cumberbatch's compelling David, as he stands lost in thought and with gin bottle raised at the end of the preceding scene. His emotional isolation and the bleak self-disgust that festers under his disguise of testy arrogance are desolately exposed as he's forced to snap seamlessly out of his reverie and into shallow social mode'. Independent Paul Taylor

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