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As You Like It

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Director: Thea Sharrock

Designer: Dick Bird

Composer: Stephen Warbeck

Choreographer: Fin Walker

Fight Director: Kevin McCurdy

Musical Director: Rob Millet




Silvius: Michael Benz

Duke Senior: Philip Bird

Rosalind: Naomi Frederick

Amiens, Sir Oliver Martext: Peter Gale

Duke Frederick: Brendan Hughes

Charles the Wrestler, Corin: Sean Kearns

Orlando: Jack Laskey

Adam: Trevor Martin

Jacques: Tim McMullan

Oliver: Jamie Parker

Celia: Laura Rogers

Touchstone:Dominic Rowan

Hymen: Ewart James Walters

Audrey: Sophie Duval

Phebe: Jade Williams

Le Beau, William : Gregory Gudgeon

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