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Current & Past Projects

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Current projects:

2019/2020/2021 - Macbeth Full Production with Paterson Joseph as Macbeth. Producer Dawn Prentice. Composer Ben Park. Dramaturge Francisco Negrin. 

2020 - Why? An aerial duet for Lindsay Butcher & lee Clayden  (Gravity & Levity), composer Ben Park, writer Ed Harris & Lighting designer Lucy Carter.

Research projects as a Director & Choreographer:

2017/2018 - 'An Ordinary Grief' Gravity & Levity. This research project explores grief in all its guises. Working with Lindsay Butcher & Lee Clayden, writer Ed Harris. The research is ongoing. We have become distracted with an aerial duet, Why? which premiered last year at CODA, Oslo International Dance festival.  

2016 - Inevitability of Change Fin Walker & Ben Park

2016 - Research with Candoco Dance Company

2015 – Macbeth The Pit, Barbican (Tara Fitzgerald & Cal McInoch) Fin Walker & Ben Park

2014 – The Room The Studio at The National Theatre (Nick Holder, Kierston Wareing, Patrick O'Kane) Fin Walker & Ben Park

2009 – 2012 Macbeth The Studio at the National Theatre (Tara Fitzgerald, Paterson Joseph, Nikki Amuka Bird, David Harewood, Tobias Menzies, Adrian Scarborough, Nick Holder, Ray Fearon, Lex Shrapnel, Kirsty Bushell) Fin Walker & Ben Park

2007/8 – The Changing Game Oxford Playhouse Fin Walker

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