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Early Work

The very 1st piece I created as a professional choreographer was ‘Silent Tongues’; emotional & physical abuse suffered by children under the care of their parents. This was performed by myself , Gregory Nash and Andrew Fifield, Music by Andy Cowtan, lighting by Anthony Bowne. This premiered at the Place Theatre. 


Next followed ‘Forgotten Voices’; where the self splits because of trauma. Performed by myself, Andrew Fifield and Lindsey Butcher, music by Ben Park, Lighting by Anthony Bowne, Set design by Anna Walker. This too premiered at The Place Theatre. Next came ‘Reasons for Knocking: solo, duet & trio’.

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Reasons for Knocking: solo, duet & trio

I was really influenced by the video artists Bill Viola for each of these pieces. I was reading ‘Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House’ a book Viola published in 1995, a record of his Writing Art from 1973- 1994. I was and am fascinated by Viola’s work, which focuses on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as birth, death, love, emotions and aspects of consciousness. I created the solo first, which was my earliest solo piece as a professional dancer. I was fortunate to tour this throughout Europe, America & Canada. I have very low res recordings of the solo and the trio (which I created after the solo). Then next came the duet, danced by myself & James Flynn with music by Ben Park and lighting by Michael Mannion. This premiered at Dansenshus in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


This was my second solo. As the title suggests, conversations with the self. By this stage I had begun my training in Energy Healing, had already been seeing a therapist for a number fo years and was fascinated by the introspective journey. Conversations came out of my interest in the different voices in my head, those voices coming into consciousness and the realisation that this too reflected others and the voices in their heads. Music was by Ben Park and was played live by cellist Vanessa Park. Lighting by Michael Mannion. This toured Eastern and Western Europe in collaboration with the British Council.

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