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Inevitability of Change

I am interested in the use of ‘story’ and text to extrapolate meaning in dance, in how these theatrical components can be incorporated and juxtaposed with choreographic devices and embedded within choreographic structures, unfamiliar to me. 

I am interested in a synthesis of movement and text, where they tell a story, and where the language created is solely specific and unique to the concept itself and idiosyncratic to the performers I am working with. 

Inevitability of Change was a 3 week research project where I explored a devised storyline all about the effects of change emotionally, mentally & physically with performers, Thomas Gulgec, Clemmie Svaas, Roberta Pitre, Adam Burton & Kirill Burlov. An exceptional group of performers. Collaborating with composer Ben Park we showed the results of the research at Rambert studios to an invited audience.  

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