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Me & You:
Phoenix Dance Theatre



‘Fin Walker's superb duet, Me & You, set to the glowing choral music of Ben Parker, inhabits an interior world. It moves with the rhythms of a boxing match, its short ferocious bouts of dance punctuated by dazed seconds of stillness. Yet the two men seem to be grappling with each other's souls rather than their bodies, and a lovely paradoxical intimacy emerges as their partnering becomes less manic. The further they move apart, the more clearly they see each other.

Walker's talent is her intensity of focus. Every detail in this duet, down to the wariest turn of the head, is choreographed.’ 

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian


‘Me & You, by Fin Walker (music by partner Ben Park) is a duo for two men which is very physical, energetic and ultimately complex’. 

Manchester Evening News

‘The company is blessed with eight fine dancers whose individual qualities come to the fore in the two shorter pieces on the bill – Fin Walker's zany, pugilistic duet Me & You, and Jeremy Nelson's The Fact That It Goes Up, a circuit-board of urban busy-ness that put me in mind of city traffic viewed from a height – before congestion charging.’

Jenny Gilbert, The Independent

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