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The Self

Originally made with Jenny Tatersall and Lee Clayden at the opera House. We only created the first 5 minutes but it packed at punch, I knew I had to complete it. Lee was already in The 3 of Us and dancing for 40 minutes, it was unfair to also throw him into a fast paced duet with Jenny. So we remade the work with Jenny and dancer Gildas Diquero. Lighting was by the wonderful Lucy Carter & costumes by the amazing Ben Maher.


The Self was literally about my struggle with myself and how that translated into the dancers struggle with themselves. 


There were a number of reviews for this work but I can’t seem to find them!

Producer: Park Music

Company: Park music Ensemble

choreographer: Fin Walker

Performers: Jenny Tattersall, Gildas Diquero

Lighting: Lucy Carter

Costume: Ben Maher

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